Six Month Smiles is a short term orthodontic treatment which aims to give you the results you want with an average treatment time of just six months. It is suitable for anyone over the age of 15 provided that you do not need any major alteration to your bite. Most adult candidates are suitable for Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles use clear brackets and a tooth coloured wire to ensure that while you are wearing the braces they are barely visible and its design also helps to ensure that you will experience the lowest possible level of discomfort.

Six Months Smiles focuses on moving the teeth that are visible when you smile to ensure that you get the cosmetic appearance you require rather than focusing on the position of your bite.

Once treatment is finished you will be required to wear a retainer to ensure that the teeth do not move back to their original position.


The main benefit of Six Month Smiles is the short treatment time, you will be able to have the smile you want in just six months. Six Month Smiles can be applied to both the top and bottom of the teeth. To see some of the amazing results visit our gallery.

If Six Month Smiles is something that interests you do not hesitate to call today and book a consultation appointment where we will be able to discuss all the possible options available to you and provide you with the best treatment plan depending on your situation.