dental examination

A dental examination which can also be referred to as a check-up, allows the dentist to perform a thorough inspection of your mouth, teeth and gums. This will enable them to identify any areas of early decay, acid erosion and gum disease.

By focusing on preventative dentistry any problems can be quickly identified and treated.

white fillings

Here at White House Dental Studio we want to ensure that when you smile you will not need to worry about unsightly fillings being on display and this is why we recommend the use of white or invisible fillings. These will match seamlessly to the natural colour of your teeth so will not be noticeable when you smile or laugh.

denturesDentures can be used to replace several or all of your upper or lower teeth. They provide support to your cheeks and lips as well as allowing you to eat and speak normally.

Traditional dentures are made from acrylic or metal, but at White House Dental Studio we are also able to offer newer cosmetic dentures Valplast.

crowns and bridges

Crowns are an artificial restoration used to repair heavily decayed and damaged teeth and improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Crowns can also be used to help fix bridges in place, helping to fill any gaps created by lost or missing teeth.

Bad Breath Halitosis

Bad breath is a very common problem and can be caused be a number of different things.

Causes of bad breath

The most common cause of bad breath is the gases emitted by bacteria present in the plaque on our teeth.


A dental hygienist specialises in preventive oral health, to help you keep your natural teeth as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

In the UK the number one cause of tooth loss in adults is not tooth decay but gum disease.

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when the nerve inside the tooth becomes infected through decay or injury. The infection may spread from the canal in the tooth through the root system and may eventually lead to an abscess at the base of the tooth roots.

tooth extraction

There may come a point where it is not possible to save a tooth either because it has become too heavily decayed or has broken beyond repair, in which case it may become necessary for the tooth to be extracted.

In most cases it is possible to extract teeth in practice under a local anaesthetic.

comprehensive careHere at White House Dental Studio our dentists are all trained to ensure that they listen carefully to your wants and needs. The dentists will always complete a full and thorough assessment prior to starting any new treatment ensuring that they are able to offer you the best possible treatment to meet your needs and budget.

oral healthIn order to ensure that your teeth and gums remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible we recommend a comprehensive approach from both the dentist and the hygienist.

children dentistryWe understand that for many children coming to the dentist can be a stressful experience. So we have endeavoured to make sure that the surgery provides a unique and friendly environment for our youngest patients.

Our aim is to ensure that by creating positive dental experiences when children are young, they will then be more likely to continue to attend as they get older and will therefore enter adulthood with the best possible oral care.

We therefore suggest that children are brought to the dentist as soon as their first teeth come through so that they can get used to the dental environment, sitting in the chair and talking to the dentist prior to any treatment being needed.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your children’s dental treatment do not hesitate to ask one of our members of staff who will be more than happy to help.

preventative careHere at White House Dental Studio we believe in prevention. Preventative dentistry is the modern way of helping you to keep your mouth healthy. It helps to ensure that you keep your own teeth for as long as possible and reduces the amount of other dental treatment you will require. The two main causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. The better that these are treated the greater the chance you will have of keeping your teeth.


We will always ensure that you are provided with full and comprehensive treatment plans prior to any course of treatment. This will ensure that all the possible options have been outlined to you and you have all the information required to make the right decision for you.